Originally, the men's magazine BUF portrayed women with gigantic breasts--"BUF" stood for "Big Up Front". Over time, the magazine's focus shifted to women whose bodies were in proportion with their enormous mammaries. It now contains pictorials of extraordinarily obese women.

Okay...this is hard for me because I don't really have a fetish for overweight women. Somewhere in the brains of BUF's buyers, there's an extra connection, one that melds the vices of gluttony and lust. I'm not wired that way, so I can't judge exactly how well BUF achieves its goals.

But I can tell you what the magazine contains. The women are, for the most part, fat--not voluptuous, not chubby, not plump, not Rubenesque, not zaftig, but fat, hugely fat, Springer guest fat, three-hundred-pounds-plus fat. The pictorials are almost entirely softcore, and most of them don't show much of the woman's genitalia; the purpose of the magazine is to glorify all her folds, not just the ones between her legs (and in any case, it's hard to position these women in such a way that their naughty bits are visible past their bellies and titanic thighs). The centerfolds generally involve a woman eating enormous amounts of food, which I take to mean that this sort of thing is sexy to people with this particular fetish.

That's about all I can say. I do wonder, though, how these women find their way into the business. See, if you're reasonably attractive, you've probably realized that you could do porn if you ever wanted to (and even if you never thought about it, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that you could). The same is true if you're not so attractive but have a large bosom. But if you're an exceedingly heavy woman, a woman whom Hollywood and fashion magazines condemn as unattractive, a woman who endures taunt after taunt every day of her life, what makes you decide to expose yourself to thousands upon thousands of people?

Maybe she's in a relationship with a fat admirer, a reader of such magazines, who's always supported her, always seen her as beautiful and knows that other men will find her beautiful too. Maybe, in spite of MTV and Vogue and heroin chic and diet book after diet book, she's just plain comfortable with her naked body, and enjoys showing it off. Or maybe somewhere, in some town, there's an ad in the back of the local indie newspaper:

"Big, Beautiful Women wanted as models. Pay $200-300/shoot. Supportive, comforting environment with other big women around at all times. Call BBW Productions on voicemail #1523 and leave name, age, and phone number."

And someone reads the ad, and they need a little extra money, and (for better or for worse) she takes a deep breath and gives it a shot.

Pictorials: 4-6
Women: thirtysomething-middle-aged; obese
Penetration: none
Lesbian: 0-1 per issue
Guy/Girl: rare
Group: rare
Fetish: wet-and-messy/food
know_no_bounds's rating: ??? (I lack the ability to judge)

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