Strange, blue, glowing symbols branded on the heroes' arms in the Forgotten Realms game Curse of the Azure Bonds, which is part of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons computer game family.

Each bond is placed on your arm by a certain mysterious organization wishing to control you in various ways. The bonds sometimes force you to commit acts you would never otherwise consider, such as attacking the royal carriage!

As you defeat the ring leaders of the organizations which cursed you with the sigils, they vanish from your arm. To complete the game, you must progress through and remove all the sigils from your heroes' arms.

An excellent book written by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb. It is the first in The Finder's Stone Trilogy and is the story of a young mercenary who has been marked with these strange blue symbols. She wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how she got there. She almost immediately meets her soon-to-be travelling companion, ]Dragonbait]. Early in the book we discover that our heroine, Alias, bears the marks of several nefarious guilds and mages that wish to use her body for their purposes.

Published in 1988 by TSR, this book is the inspiration for the aforementioned game Curse of the Azure Bonds.

The books in this series include:

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