At the Borders of Queer Nation:
issues of bisexual identity in sexual identity politics

  1. I am. - Prologue
  2. What is?
  3. Voices 1
  4. Essences
  5. Nationalities
  6. Voices 2
  7. What is bisexuality?
  8. Voices 3
  9. Question of use
  10. Short spat
  11. Ragged edges
  12. Bisexual voices
  13. Round squares: the new category
  14. Radicalesbians
  15. Can you?
  16. But, one for all?
  17. Strategy
  18. Truth
  19. Mutts and links
  20. The Moon Group
  21. Why speak.
  22. He said. - Epilogue
This was a paper i wrote for an anthropology class dealing with the politics of culture and identity. The theory that this was written within is mainly about nationalities and the creation of national identity. It also refers frequently to particular articles we read in the class, and i will try to clarify these references as i go.

There are a few sections where i let quotes from various sources stand on their own. This is not to say that i unconditionally agree with any of these statements, especially as many of them have been strung together with others that oppose them. I mean for them to be taken as voices engaged in definition, and also possibly to develop or illustrate a point made in accompanying text. Also, some of them are funny! So bear with me.

Since i have lived a bit outside of the context that this paper originated in, some of it is no longer exactly my opinion, and i will be expanding and amending parts of it. Please /msg me if there are any points you think should be clarified or further supported.

My secret motive here is to bring the level of discussion up a bit. I ask that if you have arguments with the points presented herein, you either research them as thoroughly as i did this paper and phrase them nonconfrontationally, or put them in a separate node, in order to preserve the flow of this nodestring.

Thank you Everything, i love you!

(v. 1.0: to Pauline and the Moon Group.
v. 1.1: to "Out" Everythingians of all stripes, and others.)

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