At the Borders of Queer Nation
< < Why speak.

He said: - Epilogue
I was standing in the back of the room, feeling practically straight in comparison with the OutWrite crowd, when the stand-up comic told me I'd be much happier if I could just figure out what I was. Of course, he didn't know I was there. But it really is a joke, in a way: that the things I can choose from to really be, are constructions, the two poles of a scale whose creator invented as a continuum. As if even a line could encompass even one person. Let alone any point along that line.

< < Why speak.

Thanks to Admire Mwareya for the loan of Identity Politics, by Edward Sampson; it was useful and inspiring.
And thanks to the Crystal Query, because Bi any other name was indispensable, and so were your views & offhand comments.
Thanks to yossarian, who gave me the thumbs-up on this project, Saige, who's just too cool for words, and to sensei and f1r3br4nd, who actually read it! To "Out" Everythingians, hoorah for you, and to DMan, who stands by what he thinks. I hope one day to be able to approach that level of strength and intensity without losing subtlety.


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