At the Borders of Queer Nation
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Voices 3

"the main intellectual issue... is whether the continua of human reality can be divided into clearly differentiated cultures, histories, traditions, societies, without implying insurmountable hostilities by the absoluteness of the distinctions. This is not to deny that distinctions as such are universally made, but rather to stress, first, that the phenomena they represent are not dichotomous, and second, that the values associated with them are only seemingly obvious." (Bahic-Hayden and Hayden 1994:2)1

  1. Ok, ok, so there's only one quote in this "Voices" section. But dude, read it again! Perhaps i ought better to have written a paper focused just on this one quote, shining light into it like the gem it is, hopefully illuminating people with the refractions. And hey, it was written by two people, so that makes it voices, in union. How sweet!

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