At the Borders of Queer Nation
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Voices 1

"heterosexual people have a different mindset from Gay people just as Anglos, for example, have a different mindset from Navajos." (Grahn 1984:xiii)

"Whether called ethnicity, nationality, or even 'race,' cultural identity is a potent basis for political mobilization" (Linnekin 1990:150)

"we gay folk, who Great Mother Nature has been assembling as a separate people in these last hundred thousand years... are a species variant with a particular characteristic adaptation in conciousness whose time has come!" (Hay 1987)(emphasis in original)

internalization: "the process whereby a national ideology comes to be experienced as part of a sense of self as ethnic; that is, how it constitutes ideological subjects who regard themselves as national and who cathect that identity as a meaningful element of the social person." (Verdery 1990:91)(emphasis in original)

factors at work in the "lesbian and gay community": "the growth of lesbian and gay 'lifestyles' and ghettoes, the boundaries produced by constructing gay people as a 'minority,' the development of sexual identity as a political concept..." (Orlando 1991:225)(emphasis added)

"The drawing of symbolic lines and boundaries is a way of bringing order into experience." (Douglas 1970)

"...if Gayness has cultural characteristics, then it exists as a separate entity, complete in itself..." (Grahn 1984:19)

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