Ass wrestling is a game of leg strength. Like any other form of wrestling it takes two to compete. However, you do not have to limit yourself to two players, as I have enjoyed wrestling with as many as four people at once. The opponents stand back to back, their asses (bums, butts, buttocks, gluteus maximus's) the only things touching. As there is no attempt to flip your opponent in this game, arms should not be linked. Players are free to use their arms to brace themselves against walls or as leverage. Generally the two opponents are leaning away from each other to assure their asses are all that touch. The object of the game is to force your opponent to give up as much ground as possible, thereby showing your superior strength.

Ass wrestling is something that can be done virtually anywhere: in a grocery store, in a bar, in an apartment, outside, in a swimming pool, etc. There are few limits to this wonderful sport. There are a few things every player should be warned about, however. Always make sure you and your opponents have removed wallets, keys and other materials from your rear pockets. Injuries could occur in a rambunctious game of ass wrestling. It is also always good to size up your opponent before making a challenge. If your opponent has a narrow, or bony ass they might injure you during the scuffle. The most important thing to remember is never ever commence a game when bottles of beer are in hand or on nearbye counter tops. Ass wrestling should never cause the unnecessary toppling over of this precious nectar.

Now that you know the basics of ass wrestling..go out and enjoy yourself! Remember, this is both a contact and coed sport! Fun for all, so challenge grandma to a game the next time you see her! Want to pick up that cute girl down the hall? Try challenging her to a game of ass wrestling!

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