Japanese demonstrative word corresponding roughly to "over there" in English. It's more like celui-là in French. Asoko refers to a location that is "far" from both the speaker and the listener. It opposes koko and soko. Its meaning is similar to ano, but the usage is different.

Yoshi-san? Yoshi-san wa asoko ni imasu yo.
Mr. Yoshi? As for him, he's over there!

Asoko is a noun. See also ko-so-a-do.

Written (asoko) in hiragana.

While textbooks usually omit this, it is worth noting that asoko (lit. "that place over there") is also an euphemism for the female genitalia in Japanese and is, in fact, is the word that women would most often use. (Men, unsurprisingly enough, have their own words.) Among beginning students of Japanese who still have problems with particles, this occasionally results in hilarious mistakes, such as
Asoko de tabeta.
I ate at that place. (pointing to a restaurant)
Asoko wo tabeta.
I ate some... well, you figure it out...
The same women who use asoko to refer to their vulva will probably also use are, "that thing", to refer to the penis.

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