When Ian Maclemore and Astbury St. Thomas were doing their infamous 1970s British comedy From There to Here Maybe Too Far, they were the toast of the town. In the 1970s, women were commonly referred to as "broads," and mainly existed for the pleasure of men. They were given manuals on how to "hook a man and hold onto him," and thus began the 1970s flesh parades through the streets of your town. I am so thankful I wasn't around then. I didn't want to be a barn hole for the ranch hands. God forbid. Things were terrible back then.

Ian's cocaine and riboflaven addiction hit hard in the early 1980s and he dropped out of sight for a very long time. Astbury married Elizabeth Taylor for thirty-six hours, and was reported to have run away and joined a goat farm commune (needs to be noded) in remote Switzerland.

They re-emerged recently and did a short tour of major cities in Britain. They did bits from the show. It was a nostalgia tour. Also, very sad.

That wouldn't be the end of them. They had grown strong, powerful, able to overcome adversity (which you are terrible at, btw). They would get hired by the BBC to do a weekly quiz show called Are You an Idiot? The concept of the show was unique and they were hooked, and Ian was back on the coke big time.

The concept of the show was that each week it would pretend to be an existing or historical television game show. For example, they would make the set up like it was Jeopardy and play Jeopardy. The thing was, the set would be extremely cheap, made of paper and cardboard, and it would fall apart slowly during the show. And, the host was not that fellow who was the host and sadly passed, they would have someone who was in no way like him at all. I think they had a shouty guy who would shout at the contestants for no good reason. They might do some show from the 70s with guys in leisure suits and broads not on the show, but available backstage to use, just like it was in the 70s. Terrible time for anyone to have been alive. All kinds of shit going on. Kind of like today.

The whole concept was basically to see if the contestant would catch on that they weren't really on the show. Like some 1960s Match Game crap. That shit was cutting edge back then. What happened? Don't people date any longer? But the point is, these people would believe that they were on a 1960s game show when it was 2021 outside? Come on. I'm not buying it. But they do it for the laughs. It is cute like that. Good stuff.

So, check out the show. It is on in England, and on BBC America on Tuesday nights at 8, although it is a rebroadcast from the previous day's show. So, if you have friends in Great Britain, end the relationship completely, rudely if you have to, if you want to avoid getting the answers ahead of time. Behead the motherfuckers if they keep calling, asking "What's wrong? I thought we were friends" and shit. Just let it go already. God, I hate people like that.

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