Angus Deayton, who's full name is Gordon Angus Deayton, was born on July 6th 1956. He's a gameshow host for the BBC. He presents the humorous gameshow Have I Got News For You, in which two teams, led by Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, have to answer questions regarding the week's news.

He also played Patrick on the British tv-show One Foot In The Grave, and was on Rowan Atkinson's live show, where he and Atkinson performed various sketches (some which Atkinson would later use in the Mr. Bean series).
Angus can also be seen presenting a few documentaries (for example A History Of Alternative Comedy), and he was in a few other tv series.

Before he rose to fame as the mug in the middle of "Have I got News for You", and presenter of shows to embarrass celebrities with what they did before they were famous, I believe that Angus Deayton worked in amongst other areas the adult film business (at least according to clips he shows of himself on some of these shows).

He also created the BBC Radio 4 comedy series Radio Active, "Britain's first national local radio station", with Geoffrey Perkins (now I believe high up in BBC Light Entertainment). They also did a translation of this to BBC Television called KY TV.

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