Pictures never came easy to me, nor my dad (who looks just like a dead version of me). Whenever picture-time came around, it was always a stressful experience for me. I just don't physically know how to smile, at least not in the way that shows up in a photo.

When I try to paint a big smile on my face, it always appears to be contrived in the most demonic way. I laugh as much as the next guy, maybe even more. But my face just doesn't want to make those big smiles that get politicians elected and get Julia Roberts (AKA "Horse-Headed Woman") megabucks in Hollywood. In fact, when I see people with these big, wide smiles, I often grab my wallet and hold on real tight. I can spot a Baptist preacher or an Ambulance Chaser a mile away.

But the natural smiles; now that's something that God gave you, if you've got one. This is a true window into the soul. When I was looking for someone to marry, this was the thing that sealed the deal.

So, when I saw this motto on CASweetAngel's home page, I stole it from her and made this node. (It turns out that stealing brings a big smile to my face. I hope it doesn't make her lose hers.)

Don't you worry, Dannye. Instead of making me lose my smile you made it grow. It's a large compliment to me for someone of your level and power to see my homepage, read it, and like my quotation enough to steal it.

It wasn't quite stealing because you said where you got it and didn't try to take credit. I saw it written in a corner of a white board at school a few years ago. I've loved it ever since. I agree that a person's natural smile is what's important. I happen to be able to smile decently for pictures usually too, but I mostly love the saying because friends and guys have said that my smile drew them to me. The smile I have during conversations, laughter, etc.

Thank you, Dannye. My quotation made an impact of some sort, and got you thinking, so I'm happy.

Well, the recently added writeups have evoked feelings of sadness and almost pity from me. No one falls in love with just your smile. If they do, then yes, they have problems. This quotation is meant to remind people to stay positive, but also comments on how something like a smile can pull you into a person. If you're spending time with someone, talking, etc. and they're smiling and enjoying themself, it's more than likely that you will be too. I think that those of you that are down on "loving someone's smile" should sit back, relax, and understand that people like happy people.

I don't frown much, but I only smile rarely in the presence of men. Despite years of pain and thousands of dollars in orthodontics, I even cover my mouth when I laugh around men I don't know.

Perhaps it's a function of being completely confused about what I want, but it's been dawning on me lately, I don't want a boyfriend.

I'm lonely, yes, but I don't want a boyfriend. I would like to have a family someday, including a husband, but seeing as I don't want a boyfriend I'm not sure how this is supposed to come about.

I'm as or more capable of looking a guy in the eye and smiling as the next girl; I'm not shy. What freaks me out is how quickly they are taken in. When I smile I can see the change come over their eyes from "this is a girl I don't know" to "this is a girl I want to know". I don't deserve it. I'm reluctant to smile because I know soon enough he'll discover the truth, and eventually, as they always do, he'll tell me that he always thought my smile was fake.

sorry for sullying your happy node dannye, but I was thinking about this the other day and...what I can I say...your perspective invited another.

My sentiments exactly, danlowlite.

This is silly.

Because no one should fallin love with my smile, they should be in love with me, not the expression on my face. It is objectification, a debasement of my entire self. If they cannot fall in love with me as a whole instead of just my stupid, sloppy grin, I don't want them in my life anyway. They should love my frowns and my smiles and everything else about me.

Falling in love with a smile is like falling in love with a porn star through his/her picture in Hustler.

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