One of the several institutions of education in the island city-state of Singapore, Anglo-Chinese Junior College is a Methodist institution which boasts an illustrious legacy, tied closely with its sister schools under the Anglo-Chinese School banner.

Even before the Second World War, former principals of the Anglo-Chinese School raised the issue of building a college, to continue the decades-old school tradition into the tertiary level. However, it wasn't until 1970 that then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew gave his approval for a junior college, built on the basis of a dollar for dollar grant from the Government.

Among the many aspects attributed to those educated in the Anglo-Chinese School, was that of fund-raising, and though the required amount of 7.5 million Singapore dollars was a great deal then, the money was raised in record time and the building was completed in 1976.

The long awaited opening occured on 3rd January 1977 and the new school year had begun for some one thousand students.

Today the school boasts a student populaton of 1800, along with a newly refurbished school building to commemorate 25 years of educating students. This is in addition to the existing Sports Complex, which houses an Olympic-sized pool as well as an excellent gym, complete with the latest Nautilus equipment.

Anglo-Chinese Junior College has indeed grown from strength to strength and its students have won accolades from a wide range of competitions, from the academic arena to the field of sports. The College philosophy of an all-round education has produced scholars in various fields and sportsmen and women who have often done their school and country proud in the face of tough competition.

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