Name: Alton C. Brown
Date of birth: July 30, 1962
Place: Los Angeles, CA (I'm the only member of my family born outside of Georgia)
Education: University of Georgia (Drama); New England Culinary Institute (Culinary Arts)
Favorite dishes for cooking:
Pizza (I like throwing dough around)
Smoked anything (caveman instincts)
Fried green tomatoes (because I've cracked the code)
Waffles (any time, day or night)
Favorite dishes for eating:
Smoked salmon
Peaches (preferably in a cobbler or pie)
Really great bread
Duck confit
Can't stand:
Chicken or beef liver (duck and rabbit livers are another matter)
Eyes (just on principle)
Things that are still moving (ditto)
Sweet potatoes (my only enduring childhood food phobia)
Red velvet cake (spooky)
Childhood influences: My mother and my television
Adult influences: My wife and producer DeAnna; Patrick Matecat, the French chef who taught me how to taste my food.
Sage advice: There are only two kinds of food: good and bad. Also, all of life's big problems include the words "indictment" or "inoperable." Everything else is small stuff. makes some headway in the content deficit on their website with this tidbit about one of America's most entertaining and intelligent chefs. Alton Brown, the writer and star of Good Eats, is a wizard in the kitchen and has no fear about sharing his skills with others.

Armed with his wit and unique brand of mildly self-deprecating humor, he presents a new topic every week, sometimes inviting guest scientists on his show to deliver well-written niblets of information about how best to choose cookware, ingredients, and even tips on presentation.

Before you get the wrong idea, Alton Brown is nothing like Martha Stewart. He is irreverent, noisy, and has been known to cook a fish breakfast while lying on his stomach in his tent (the stove and cooking were all done just outside the tent...he stuck his head and shoulders out the open tent door. Honest.), something that you will never see from Emeril Lagasse or even Sara Moulton.

As an aside...he's also rather a hottie. Pity he's married.

Alton Brown stated in an interview that he got started cooking while working as a film director. He directed several music videos, commercials, and short films, but realized he was spending all of his free time eating, reading cook books, and trying new recipes.

He decided that his real calling was to be a chef and so with the support of his wife he left the film industry and enrolled in cooking school.

Once out of cooking school Alton Brown realized that there weren't any fun cooking shows on TV and that he could combine his two loves, film and cooking, and so the show Good Eats was born.

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