When you are out on the road as a businessman, the way that I am, you look for delicious food along the parade route. I have sampled many dishes, from stops at Howard Johnson's when I sold vacuum cleaners in the 1970s to recent stops at food service within gas stations. This makes it one stop shopping and if there is one thing gas stations have become good at since they stopped having anything to do with cars other than fuel replenishment is food preparation. The best of these is sushi, which is a word lacking any real definition. It means "some form of Japanese food" and it is delicious.

As an amalgamation of traditional and modern Japanese dishes, mainly chicken and beef, which you can taste in every bite of gas station sushi, this product is nutritional (if you are into that sort of thing) and it is wholesome and delicious. There are hints of many flavors in this product, from candy bars to fairly recently baked bread and some kind of hot dog type product. How can you top that? You cannot. I will not hear of it.

Get yourself a styrofoam plate of this the next time you are traveling and you will be very happy with the decision.

God bless.

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