The granddaddy of first-person tactical games, clearly influenced many of the following games...

Airborne Ranger was a pretty interesting game, released in 1987 by the house of simulation kings, MicroProse.

You are a Ranger. You drop your stuff from the airplane, then leap after them, and quetly sneak to the enemy trenches. Quietly, like a ghost, running, crawling and walking in three sorts of climates (everything from temperate to arctic). Dodge mine fields. Shoot with your assault rifle with care (you can aim at many many directions, not just the traditional 8!), prefer to use the knife to silence the enemies. (You also can use a LAW launcher, hand grenades and, of course, time bombs!) Beware of bunkers full of enemies. Photograph secrets, steal code books, and rescue POWs. And get carried home...

This game was intense, probably one of the most interesting games before I got Metal Gear Solid and Operation Flashpoint.

Also one of the few games where the programmers and rest of the makers show their faces in opening screens. The game was designed by Lawrence Schick, programmed by Scott Spanburg, graphics made by Iris Leight Idokogi, and sounds were done by Ken Lagace. (This, of course, for Commodore 64 version (information from - other versions had other makers, too, obviously...)

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Better do your best,
or you'll find yourself in the leaning rest
Airborne Ranger,
better do your best,
of find my foot up in your chest.

I'm sittin' in my foxhole,
sharpenin' my knife.
When up jumped the enemy,
I quickly took his life.
I'm sittin' in my foxhole,
I think I've got it made.
When all of a sudden,
someone yelled grenade.
I'm sittin' in my foxhole,
lookin' at my buddy's head.
The medic says he's wounded,
but I know that he's dead.

During WWII, Major General Lucien Truscott found the need for a more highly trained commando unit. Major William Darby was put in command on May 26, 1942. The 1st Ranger Battallion began operations in June of 1942.

The modern Ranger was officially designated in World War II by Major General Lucien Truscott, and the Army Chief of Staff.

A soldier is allowed to wear a Ranger Tab for completing Ranger School, but does not neccessarily make him a Ranger. The soldier must be assigned to a Ranger Battalion. If he's not, he's simply considered "Ranger qualified". Also, because most Rangers participate in Airborne or Air Assault operations, most are already an Airborne Ranger.

While not being the hardest school to complete, the U.S. Army Ranger recieves a lot of reverance and respect. They are tough, persistent infantry specializing in the following:

The Rangers are generally used as shock troop units. They hit fast and hard with precision. They commonly support Special Operations units like the Green berets or Delta Force. They are considered a Special Operation MOS, and are under SOCOM.

Ranger school focuses on footmarches, land navigation, and sniper training. The training environment is one of strict discipline and conformity. I've heard of people being removed from training for something as simple as forgetting to have their I.D. card. The soldier must complete RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) to be accepted to Ranger school. Basically, it's 2-3 weeks of hell and forced marches.

This particular ASI (Additional Skill Identifier) is one nearly guaranteed way of seeing combat.

The Ranger wears a Tan beret, and his primary MOS is Infantry. The only designated Ranger-only unit is the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Airborne - Paratrooper

Airborne qualified soldiers complete a 3 week course at either Fort Bragg or Fort Benning. To rest, the soldier goes to a sawdust-filled pit, and assumes the front leaning rest. They form up in formations called "sticks". Their trademark is the maroon colored beret. Their symbol is a parachute with wings, worn over the left nametape. The soldier must complete 5 static jumps, including one at night.

One of my Drill Sergeants said one time, "Hey Pri... You see someone with a tab on they shoulder.. Hey, that's a squared away mother fucker."

Paratroopers take great pride in being Airborne. Soldiers without Airborne training are referred to as 'legs'.

One Drill Sergeant in basic, a mean-as-fuck-Special Forces-Pathfinder-Master Blaster-Triple Stacked-SFC-named Odom, used to say, "If you ain't Airborne pri... you ain't shit."
He had completed 70+ jumps. Most instructors at Airborne school, called 'Black Hats', have completed at least 300. Many can't walk right.

Point-blank, think of Rangers as elite Infantry. Boom, there's your explanation. If there's anything I missed, or something is flat wrong, by all means let me know.

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