Also the brother of Moon Unit Zappa.

Currently the host of Robotica.

Reportedly once started going by the name "Chuck" when kids at school were calling him "Ahmet Vomit". When he came to school as "Chuck", the kids called him "Chuck Fuck". He switched back to "Ahmet".

The host of the former MTV show Webriot, a really cool interactive gameshow where you answered the questions online in sync with the TV, and the highest online scores were posted on TV, and the highest score for the season got a car. You had to be obscenely fast to answer, or you needed a really slow PC.

Sadly, the show is off the air, after something like 100,000 people played online each day.

Ahmet was really cool, bald, and had some funky glassses. He was really wild and weird, and once dressed up as Britney Spears for Say What karaoke. The only time I've seen somebody get 3 10's (a perfect score) by the Karaoke judges.

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