Robotica, a new TLC series designed to capatalize on the latest robot craze. The show has 4 competitors, split into two pairs, they go head to head against each other in 3 events, until two are removed and the remaining go on to a deathmatch style fight.

The first event, is a race around a figure-eight style circuit, in the opposite direction so they meet each other every lap. Each lap is worth 10 points, and the robot with the most points gets a bonus 20 points.

The second event is a maze, where the robots must race to the centre, encountering such obstacles like revolving spikes on paddle like doors. At the end they have to pass under a waterfall to the centre.

The third event, is basically plowing through a bunch of stuff, like bricks and paint buckets, and finally a hundred pound safe.

After totalling the points up, of each pair, the robot with the most points goes on to the end, a deathmatch on a platform with sides that drop after a certain amount of time expires. The robot who gets pushed off, is the loser.

The show though, is a rip-off of Battlebots, Robot Wars, and the British TV-show Robot Wars. Most similar to the last, as the Robot Wars TV Show had similar obstacles and what not. The competitors are not as lethal as the ones seen on Battlebots, as they tend to look more like Remote Control cars, then whirling blades of death. Oh yes, it also has a annoying host, but it has the token pit babe. Also, it doesn't have the usual restrictions, Robot Wars states that you can't have any form of fibre projectile (IE: no nets, or uhh.. flying string), nor can you have flammable liquids and fire. This one, robot on Robotica, had a flamethrower :) Granted, the affect on another robot with metal armor was nill, the sheer coolness of it was worth watching.

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