Acqua di Gio is bar-none my favorite fragrance for Men.

Acqua di Gio was introduced in 1996 by Giorgio Armani. This scent is reported to contain the following notes:

   Top Fragrance Notes: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and amber.
Middle Fragrance Notes: lavender, juniper, and cumin.
  Base Fragrance Notes: marine notes, light citrus, rose water, and woody notes.

I have not met anybody, man or women, who does not absolutely love this fragrance. My girlfriend cannot get enough of it. More than once have I heard the scent described as, "orgasmic."

I was once wearing this fragrance while shopping at a local Target store (for those who do not have them, they are like Walmart), and as I was checking out the male check-out person leans into me and sniffs, "say, is that Gio you are wearing?" I told him he said, "I absolutely love that smell." He said no more, no less.

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