What is Aftershave?

Aftershave is a lotion, balm or liquid for use after shaving. Its purpose is to disinfect the pores, hair follicles, and tiny cuts that occur during shaving.

The primary active ingredient in aftershave is essentially rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or denatured ethanol alcohol). The secondary ingredients usually include glycerin, to prevent drying of the skin, and fragrance to make you smell all nice 'n manly. Usually, it is the fragrance within a particular aftershave that makes it different from other aftershaves.

Of course, aftershave is for external use only!

What Are the Names of Some Aftershave Lotions?

Well my grandfather used to use nothing but Old Spice his whole life. And indeed, I have fond memories of him giving me my first bottle of aftershave when I started to grow peach fuzz around my face. But now, I have grown a little bit more sophisticated—and I have found that the ladies do not really appreciate the scent of Old Spice.

I personally use:

Because I received them along with the cologne I bought. They seem to work well enough.

Other popular ones I have seen people use are:

And heck, I even saw my roommate's friend use Jack Daniels in the morning after a tough night.

af*ter'shave n. [E.]


A patent medicine or nostrum liniment used as a mortification of the flesh, in conjunction with ritual ablution and scarification. The liniment is synthesized from sacerdotally prescribed ingredients including antiseptic firewater, herbs, and petrochemical compounds. In use among modern men, this formula has three chief advantages over its primitive precursor, extract of witch hazel. First, the pain of application is greater, symbolizing a greater purgation of sin and unfashionableness. Second, the pungent ether-and-camphor odor is more potent in repelling coworkers and other vermin. Last, it is more expensive, which in the modern mind indicates its quality.


A fragrance or perfume produced in imitation of aftershave, which has none of the antiseptic properties, but an odor yet more aggressive.

This has been a Webster 1913 parody.

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