Minnetonka is a western suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota; best known for sharing its namesake with Lake Minnetonka, and as such has the common mis-conception of being a weathy or yuppy suburb. In fact the majority of Minnetonka is middle-class (see: asses of the masses), and only a small part of the suburb actually touches the lake, Lake Minnetonka.

Other more wealthy suburbs include: Wayzata, Excelsior, and Deephaven (township). To the southwest of Minnetonka is Chanhassen where Prince holds his summer residence.

The best resturant in Minnetonka is Tira Misu, which specializes in Northern Itialian cuisine. Other than that, Minnetonka is best used to pass-thru directly to the lake; and to return to the east to Minneapolis via Hopkins and Saint Louis Park to the East.

A fantastic source of Vanilla Crime.

Minnetonka is, per capita, the most wealthy city in Minnesota.

Wayzata, Excelsior, Deephaven, Edina, etc. are often pegged with this title but it is in fact Minnetonka that holds it.

Although Minnetonka does not hold a majority, or even a large minority, of the lake front area of Lake Minnetonka, it does however contain all of the Gray's Bay area, which has by far the highest land prices on the lake.

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