A                   Asian

B                   Black
BBW                 Big Beautiful Woman
B&D                 Bondage and Domination
Bi                  Bisexual

C                   Christian, Couple

D                   Divorced

F                   Female
Fet                 Fetish

G                   Gay

H                   Hispanic
HWP                 Height Weight Proportionate

I                   Indian
ISO                 In search of

J                   Jewish

K                   Kids

L                   Latino, Lesbian
LS                  Legally Separated
LTR                 Long-term relationship
LD                  Light Drinker

M                   Male, Married

ND                  No Drinking, No Drugs
NK                  No Kids
NM                  Never Married
NS                  Non Smoker

P                   Professional

S                   Single
S&M, SM, S/M        Sado-Masochism

W                   White
W, Wi               Widowed
WAA                 Will Answer All
WLTM                Would Like To Meet
WS, W/S             "Water Sports" (slang term indicating urination fetish)
WTR                 Willing To Relocate

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