Once again, and all too often,
we seem shocked that a teenager
whose tormented and and bruised
life has turned to the GUN to
find a place in the history books
. And in the deep wounds(the one
not shown on the Sopranos) of lives
cut short. For all this great economy
is....it has not lessened the cold fog of
this techno wacked, nature hating anti-sex
culture we have invented. Boys who grow
up afraid to feel or be anything other than
a killing/hating machine are trapped
in a world of steel where anything soft
is reviled and spit upon. When men move
in their own lives to rise above the level of
WWF or Temptation island and demand
their full humanity..Then we will have real
men with the weapons of love in their hearts

-- Stoney Burke

Note: this is taken verbatim from a flyer written by Stoney. I didn't change the grammatical errors because they seem intentional. Permission was granted.

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