It also means, in Web context, Adult Verification Systems, that's to say, a system that attempts to verify that the person seeing the site is indeed an adult and can be exposed to vast amounts of pornography and senseless violence.

Some AVS systems are reputable, others are little more than scams to fleece the gullible.

What is really sweet is when dumbass webmasters protect with an AVS the index page of their site, but leave the image directories wide open. Sooner or later the URL of those directorioes gets out, typically posted on, and traffic to the site sharply increases as the pr0n is being leeched (in case you are wondering how, it is done very easily with wget).

AVS meaning Advanced Visualization System is maybe the coolest part of WinAmp. You can get all sorts of crazy displays synchronized to the music. It starts with basic effects like oscilloscopes, which i can't spell, moving particles, etc.... then it does transitions (think special effects) which is where the coolness really comes out. But to do the really nice transitions you need to make up crazy math shit which I don't understand at all. I mean how am i supposed to just know what will happen if i multiply d by the arc tangent of r squared?

The AVS is the Advanced Viualization Studio, by Nullsoft, the makers of Winamp and Shoutcast. In fact, if you insert the right coordiantes, values and colors, you can make something so trippy even your grandmother would be proud of you. Lets say, a simple, yet magically trippy bumpmapped simple waveform render, can be made like this:

  • 1 Winamp
  • 1 Advanced Visualization Studio, prefferably the newest available.
  • Some good music, each with its own differences, e.g, heavy bass, sharp synth and so on.
Make a blank AVS, by removing all the current gizmos, and clearing the window of activity. Then, make a simple render, currently under "Render" -> "Simple". When in the window, change color to your liking, and change it to "Oscilliscope". Now, make a "Trans" -> "Fadeout", which makes the frames fade into a specified color. (By now you would have a scope, dancing along to whichever song you are playing). Then, add "Trans" -> "Bump" for the bumpmapping. Make sure the "Frame:" says


and the "Init:"


Leave "Beat:" blank. Set Blend mode to "Replace", and turn "Fadeout" up to half up the scale. If you did it right you should have an example of what the AVS looks like.

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