Nullsoft, Inc is a small software company located in San Francisco that has been bought out by AOL/Time Warner. Their flagship products are Winamp, a freeware audio player, and Shoutcast, a streaming mp3 server. Nullsoft has also written some unofficial software, such as the original Gnutella peer to peer software. Nullsoft was originally formed by Justin Frankel for his own software developed in his free time. In 1997 Justin began working on Winamp, and Tom Pepper became Nullsoft's webmaster. Soon after this, Nullsoft was incorporated. During this time Winamp was availible as a shareware product. In 1999 Nullsoft was bought out by AOL/Time Warner. Following this, all of Nullsoft's products became freeware. Currently, Nullsoft is a small team of about twenty people. Their mascot is Mike the Llama.

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