The most useful Winamp plugin ever. Winamp would keep a small ‘nifty-dot’ in the upper left hand corner of your screen, and when clicked, would maximize the program. You could just keep Winamp in the tray, out of harm’s way, and maximize it with one, simple click in the top corner of your screen. Most unfortunately, the ever-functional nifty-dot was left out of the latest release of Winamp, and now it is lost to me forever. After dutiful searching, it seems to not have only disappeared from the Winamp release, but from the internet entirely. It makes me wonder if some heartless bastard dropped my beloved nifty-dot into /dev/null.

     /    \
    |      |
    | Dot  |
    |      |

A user in Sept. of 2003 says, "If you want the nifty dot love described above, you can get it at:".

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