The modern American version of the bazooka.  This is a weapon designed for the sole purpose of allowing a single infantryman to take on a tank.  However, due to the strength of the shock wave produced by the explosion on impact of the rounds, it is not recommended to be in the general area of more than three shots in a 24-hour period--as any more iterations of that wave can seriously damage and re-arrange one's internal organs.

But in wartime, one does as one must.

In peacetime, however, many many more training rounds than combat rounds are fired--not least because the former cost around US$0.75 while the latter are approximately $1000.

The AT4 is an unguided, recoilless and disposable anti armour weapon. It was first developed for the Swedish army (where it is designated m86) by Bofors. Its effective range is 300 metres against moving targets and 400 metres against stationary targets. It is intended for use against all armoured vehicles, though tanks can only be effectively engaged from the side. (Swedish army manuals recommend using at least three AT4s when trying to take out a MBT.) Due to its recoilless design it can be fired from any position, even standing (firing from a standing position generally results in a less accurate shot).

There are a number of versions of the AT4. The most common one is the HEAT version. It carries a 1.8 kilo, 84mm, cone-shaped warhead capable of penetrating 420mm of armour. The main load is 440 grams of Octol and the primary load (what's the difference?) is 17 grams of pressed Hexogen. The velocity of the warhead upon exiting the barrel is 285 metres per second (~1000 km/h).

Other versions are the HEDP version for reinforced structures, the HP (High Penetration) model able to penetrate up to 600mm armour and the CS (Confined Spaces) version with a very small back blast for use by urban warfare units when firing inside buildings (the other versions have a back blast of approx. 15 metres). There is also a version that will be able to take out a MBT in development, designated MBT LAW.

There are two training versions of the weapon; one version for 9mm tracer ammunition and one for 20mm practice projectiles.

Instructions on firing the AT4 can be found on the barrel.

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