Two years after the release of Skin, Endorphin has entranced fans and critics alike with yet another unique musical array. By throwing himself into the diversity he is renowned for, he returned with AM:PM, his third album - an upbeat, virtual rainbow of sound.

Energy gradually builds throughout this double CD, which contains an eclectic mix of musical stylings, from melodic vocal harmonies, to jazz, trip hop beats, scratches, and pure electronica. AM:PM perfectly marries the ambience of Embrace, the edginess of Skin, and the extravagant dynamics of Endorphin's live performances. It was born from his desire to satisfy his entire audience - those who prefer the chill out loungeroom experience, those who love high energy dance and those who like it both ways.

AM is an echo of Endorphin's life in the studio. It reflects everything bright, fresh and mellow. As with Endorphin's past creations, it can be the secret behind a perfect sunday morning chill out. It combines beautiful piano pieces, floating on wave after wave of trip hop beats, spine-tingling vocals, and urban electronica.

PM reflects what Endorphin does to live, and embraces the key elements of dance. High-energy dance and funk, meet and merge to achieve a perfect blend of sound. Remixes of tracks can be heard playing in many clubs around Australia, including Endorphin's take on the 1979 Mi-Sex hit 'Computer Games'. As well as daring you to hit the dancefloor, PM’s songs gave Endorphin the opportunity to address some important issues. 'Pressure' parodies the cloning mentality which demands artists follow the current chart-topping musical trend, while 'Dare' is his passionate protest against Prime Minister John Howard’s refusal to say sorry to Australia’s indigenous community.

There are many guest collaborators on the album. Lo-tel frontman and songwriter, Luke Hanigan, sings on the first single 'Sex & Violence'. Other special guests include Caroline Wilson, from Kinetic, Abi Tucker, Jimmy Little, and the amazing Tyrone Noonan, of George. Scratches by Australian DJ, DJ Archie are also featured on tracks such as 'My Tomorrow', and 'Get The Funk'.

AM:PM - 2001 - Sony



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