Blasting onto the club charts in Australia and around the world with her mixes, BeXta has proven beyond doubt that she can "Make it Phunkee". Yes, that's right. She's a she. And this girl can break beats with the best of them. Obsession and passion are the keys to her success.

Her obsession began when she was nine years old. 'A chick destined to like it a little harder, a little funkier and a whole lot more bangin'. During her teenage years BeXta began to develop her spinning style through writing and producing. From the beginning it was obvious that she had an awesome talent for integrating a cross section of dance music into smooth sets.

At 19 BeXta signed her first record deal, and was soon spinning in clubs all over Brisbane - her home at the time. Before long she moved to Sydney to focus on her music.

Her trademark is fast banging techno. BeXta remains extremely modest about her achievements in this male-dominated arena. And through the creation of her cutting edge dance music, she has become one of the leading producers in Australia. Recently returned from playing at Summerlove in Vancouver, she is taking world wide popularity in her stride. This girl kicks proverbial and literal ass.

'With a charming smile and cute persona, it's hard to begrudge the success of BeXta even if her music isn't precisely your cup of tea. Acclaimed as the fastest riser to DJ fame in Australia, BeXta will be around for some time yet. The sound of Mixology truly reflects BeXta's musical diversity, creativity and mixing abilities. Her new single Drum Beets Go is featured on this compilation, and is on a course to gain hit anthem status. This is DJ BeXta - a writer, producer and now renowned DJ. A true mixologist.'

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nb: BeXta = Awesome female, Australian based DJ and should not be confused with bexxta = me

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