Groove Armada is a U.K. dance group comprising Tom Findlay and Andy Cato, who formed in the mid-90's and started a dance club by the same name shortly after. Their music is predominantly downtempo/ambient stuff, although house, hip-hop, and reggae influences occasionally find their way in. Below is a brief discography (doesn't include singles or vinyl releases).


Goodbye County (Hello Nightclub), Jive Electro, 2001
1. Suntoucher
2. Superstylin'
3. Drifted
4. Little by Little
5. Fogma
6. My Friend
7. Lazy Moon
8. Raisin' the Stakes
9. Healing
10. Edge Hill
11. Tuning In (Dub Mix)
12. Join Hands

Back to Mine (DJ mix album), Ultra Records, 2000
1. A Tribe Called Quest - Description of a Fool
2. Barry White - Playing Your Game, Baby
3. Tony D. - Piano Grand
4. Sidewinder - Stanway's Revenge
5. BBG - Snappiness
6. Sir Raymond - Mang No. 1
7. Dayton - Sound of Music
8. Groove Armada - Your Song
9. Roots Manuva - Next Type of Motion
10. Al Green - Light My Fire
11. Mica Paris - I Should've Known Better
12. Schmoov - Destination
13. Tall Stories - Chaser
14. Tears for Fears - Pharaohs

Vertigo, Pepper, 1999
1. Chicago
2. Whatever, Whenever
3. Dusk You and Me
4. Pre 63
5. If Everybody Looked the Same
6. Serve Chilled
7. I See You Baby
8. A Private Interlude
9. A at the River
10. In My Bones
11. Your Song
12. Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)
13. Mary
14. Rap

Northern Start, Tummy Touch, 1998
1. Dr. Eiff
2. Captain Sensual (remix)
3. Entrance to Zanzibar
4. Fireside Favourite
5. Dirty Listening
6. M2 Many
7. Dan-Solo (Album Edit)
8. Pressure Breakdown
9. What Have We Become?
10. Jeanneret's Groove
11. Pillar 13

(I only own Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub), and I have hard-linked the titles of songs on that album which have lyrics. I will hopefully be able to eventually get those noded. If you have one of their previous albums and decide to node lyrics to a song on there, please let me know, and next time I'm on I'll link it. mkb has notified me that I ought to just go ahead and link the ones where I don't know whether or not they have lyrics, so that's what I just did.)

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