He who would better behold these Times in their greatest glory could not find a better scene than Turkey.

- Englishman Sir Henry Blount, obviously quite awed by what he has seen on his recent visit to the Ottoman Empire

In the year AD 1635...

  • The Thirty Years' War *almost* comes to an end.
    • Disheartened by the crushing blow dealt to the Protestant forces the previous year at the Battle of Nördlingen, most of the German Protestant princes sue for peace, resulting in the Peace of Prague, whereby the odious Edict of Restitution is all but revoked and the Lutheran states agree to join forces with the Holy Roman Empire to expel the Swedes.
    • However, Cardinal Richelieu of France, although himself a Catholic, is unwilling to see the combined power of the Hapsburgs and Spain go unchecked, so he extends huge monetary subsidies to the Swedes and the remaining German Protestant forces under Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar in order to keep them in the war, and for the first time brings France openly into the war in opposition to the Spanish and the Austrians, thus ensuring that the war will drag on for another 13 years.
    • Little happens in terms of actual fighting, although French forces under the Protestant general Henri, Duc de Rohan do manage to capture the all-important Valtellina mountain pass between Italy and Germany.
  • In Japan, the Tokugawa shogunate further isolates itself from the world with the promulgation of the third sakoku edict and tightens its social control apparatus with the initiation of the sankin kotai system of hostage taking to ensure the loyalty of the great daimyo lords.
  • Roger Williams is banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a religious dissident for speaking out against harsh punishments for religious offenses and the mistreatment of Native Americans. Williams would found his own colony, now known as Rhode Island.
  • The French Academy is chartered by Cardinal Richelieu for the purpose of maintaining the purity of the French language by regulating French grammar, spelling, and literature.
  • The Boston Latin School, the oldest public school in the Americas, is said to have been founded.
  • The English words recruit, voracious, protuberance, equilibrate, and modernity make their earliest known appearances.

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