The year that the King James Version (or Authorized Version) of the Bible was completed. People often refer to the King James of 1611. Certain highly conservative Protestant denominations (mostly various independent or minority Baptists) consider the King James Version of 1611 the Textus Receptus, and the only legitimate representation of the Bible. See for an example. Also the people at Pensacola Christian College hold to this view. The King James Version as it is generally published today is was considerably revised in the years shortly following 1611, mostly for various spelling and other updates, although the spelling, grammar, and usage is still often archaic and quaint.

Thou knowest how dry a cinder this world is,
And learnst thus much by our anatomy,
That 'tis in vain to dew, or mollify it
With thy tears, or sweat, or blood.

--John Donne, from his poem "An Anatomy of the World,"
providing the original origin of the phrase "blood, sweat, and tears"

In the year AD 1611...

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