The second of two albums by Nouveaux. 1996. Like their first album, the band used mostly guitar and vocals for the songs listed here. My favorites are Maybe Tomorrow and Chasing Shadows. Nouveaux is:
  • Paul Alan: lead vocals, piano
  • Kurt Lehman: bass, vocals
  • Jeff Ausdemore: drums, percussion, vocals
  • Steve Ashley: lead vocals, guitar
  • K.C. Smothers: guitar, vocals
for this album. The list of song titles follows:

Nice (a mess-up start containing laughter and the word "Nice")
Maybe Tomorrow
Simply Beautiful
Never See the Day
You Breathe
If Only . . .
Larisa (another short song whose only english words are ". . . and this, is how I feel")
Through Heaven's Fields
I'll Cry Too
Chasing Shadows

This album came out in 1996, very near the time that the first Jars of Clay album came out. Though this is generally the more popular of the two Nouveaux albums, it was not particularly "well-known" when it debuted.

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