The first of two albums by Nouveaux. 1994. Nouveaux is:
  • Paul Alan
  • Kurt Lehman
  • Brad Angus
  • K.C. Smothers
  • Steve Ashley
for this album. Song titles are as follows:

We Believe
United We Stand
Holding My Own
Bridge Across the Water
Red, White, Black & Blue
All That Glitters
Some Things Never Change
Hurt So Bad
A Time to Cry
Across the Miles

This album seems to be the less popular of the two. The second album, . . . and this is how I feel, came out in 1996, just about the time that Jars of Clay came out with their first hit album. Nouveaux makes use of vocals and guitar mostly, falling generally into the "alternative rock" style. I enjoy listening to both albums (though the band seems to have matured quite a bit by the time they released the second album). My favorite songs from this album are We Believe and All That Glitters.

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