The name of a "Christian" band. I say "Christian" because many of the songs seem to be about girls (notably, All That Glitters). A few songs (like We Believe) are pretty blatantly Christian, while some (like You Breathe) are fairly subtle. I like this band mostly for the vocal parts... I've learned a lot from the harmonies I've found here. "... and this is how I feel" was quite good from an harmonic standpoint.

Both albums have noticable guitar parts, but in "Beginnings" the guitar part is much clearer and more rockin'. The vocals in both albums are all male (with the exception of the song Larisa).

I first found out about Nouveaux through a friend as he compared them to Jars of Clay (at the time I only knew about the albums produced by each band in 1995 and 1996). He surmised that Flood and Liquid, while being great songs and all, aren't enough to make the Jars of Clay self-titled album better than Nouveaux's "... and this is how I feel". I completely agree.

Their two albums and songs are as follows:

Beginnings, 1994:

. . . and this is how I feel, 1996:

Nouveaux is Paul Alan, Kurt Lehman, Brad Angus, K.C. Smothers and Steve Ashley for Beginnings, and Paul Alan, Kurt Lehman, Jeff Ausdemore, Steve Ashley and K.C. Smothers recorded . . . and this is how I feel.

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