Pray for Rain is a Christian band started in 1992 by Joel Hanson (guitar, lead vocals), Patrick Andrew (bass, background vocals) and Mark Nash (drums). In 1997 they released the album The Late Great PFR, signifying that the band is done making music for now. In their six years of music, PFR produced the following albums (list may not be complete1):

The songs on their self-titled album are as follows:

  1. You Lord
  2. Do you want to know Love
  3. Let go
  4. Didn't He
  5. My time
  6. Pray for Rain
  7. Home Again
  8. Stay
  9. Forest
  10. On and on

1 The website appears to have been abandoned. There seems to be no other band info on the web, except a site about Pray for rain, which is a different band entirely.

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