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This is a big list of books I feel I should read before I die. If you think something's missing from this list, send me a message! I LOVE NODER RECOMMENDATIONS

1 The Pillars of the Earth (thing) Michael Henry F writeup
2 Chimerascope   e2node
3 Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (thing) Uberfetus writeup
4 Supertoys Last All Summer And Other Stories of Future Time (thing) Morgon77 writeup
5 The House of the Spirits (idea) RubenAzarja writeup
6 The Crystal World (thing) warfride writeup
7 The Wasp Factory (thing) SharQ writeup
8 Griffin and Sabine (thing) discofever writeup
9 Chimera (review) Dimview writeup
10 He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (thing) AnotherMartini writeup
11 The Consolation of Philosophy (thing) O-Swirl writeup
12 Circular Ruins   e2node
13 Dandelion Wine (thing) Jet-Poop writeup
14 The Myth of Sisyphus (idea) Wyclef writeup
15 In Cold Blood (thing) JD writeup
16 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (thing) shokwave writeup
17 Don Quixote (idea) gwenllian writeup
18 Altered States   e2node
19 Microserfs   e2node
20 The Peace War (review) wombat-socho writeup