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Hello, there. I'm Mike, and I'm fairly new to this site. You'll generally see me in the Chatterbox asking "dumb newbie questions," or making stupid comments. Such is life. Feel free to /msg me with (preferably) corrections about my write-ups or (acceptably) comments about how stupid my stupid comments are. But, enough self-deprecation.

Interests include literature, etymology, history, mythology, writing, science fiction and libraries. The Beatles are my favorite band, Blade Runner is my favorite movie, Samuel R. Delany is my favorite author, and E2 is my favorite website. Really. So, I've gone on a campaign to get more people to join, mostly by badgering the smart people I know to check it out and fall in love like I have.

I also spend a good amount of time on Behind the Name, Etymonline, Damn Interesting and, of course, YouTube.