"Who's that girl?

What's her name?

Is she cool?

Is she lame?

Oh, you're talking 'bout what's-her-name...


This is the reason I get up in the morning. Forget about work. Forget about the hidden pleasures of the morning commute.

Mornings are for Pepper Ann - the cartoon about everyone's favorite egocentric, daydreaming, dorky (but not geeky, i'm afraid - sorry if that cuts down on E2's readership), 7th grade girl who rules her world through an infinite series of mishaps, mistakes, blunders, embarrassments and most importantly hallucinations. It always reminds me of my youth...sigh... and allows me a healthy amount of regression just prior to the daily task of selling my soul to my job.

In New York City, Pepper Ann airs weekdays at 8am on UPN. It also shows up at some point on Sunday morning, but nothing gets me out of bed on Sunday morning. I highly recommend it - and if you're lucky, your roommate will become equally enamored and you'll get the lovely chance to hear the winning song sung in duet.

"Catch her if you can - PEPPER ANN!

"She's her own biggest fan - PEPPER ANN!"

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