Fido Dido is a black and white comic character created by Joanna Ferrone and Susan Rose in 1986 as a doodle on a cocktail napkin.
She is now the president of Fido Dido Inc., based in New York city.
Fido is basically a fattened-up, glorified stick man with a triangular head, wavy hair, wearing baggy clothes, untied high-top sneakers and socks. All of his shirts featured himself. He could often be seen skateboarding, playing the guitar, or (his specialty) hanging out. His dog, Fido's Fido was also popular. Fido's Fido has a triangular head, wavy hair and a black patch of "fur" over one eye.

Wherever Fido went he spread one of two messages:

1. Fido is for Fido. Fido is against no one. Fido is youth. Fido has no age. Fido sees everything. Fido judges nothing. Fido is innocent. Fido is powerful. Fido comes from the past. Fido is the future.

2. You are what you are and what you are is OK.

He became popular in the late 80's when he appeared in 7up commercials in North America and the UK. His popularity died in the early 90's.
He was featured on 7up cans in Canada, the US, Malasyia and the Netherlands, and Slice cans in the US.
There was a line of Fido Dido clothing for both children and adults, as well as Fido dolls, toys, stationary, etc. There is also a Fido Dido video game for the Sega Genesis.

I found some stickers recently with a female character, in colour, who HAS to be drawn by the same people as Fido.
It was rumored that a Fido Dido cartoon was going to be made, where he and his friends deal with it being the 90's,or later, while they are still stuck in the 80's. This could be one of the characters. Although I'm not sure the show ever aired.

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