It was Christmas all over again.
Call me a freak, call me what you like, but I'm a teenager who loves music, and I just got about 400 pages of it for basically no cost. Ahhh! Beethoven Sonatas... Bartok... Rachmaninov even! Look, Schubert, Brahms and Grieg! I was in complete bliss. Honestly. And then I showed my piano teacher, and she practically started hyperventilating! She went through pricing it absent mindedly as she looked, and I have saved so much it isn't even funny.
Now I have to learn it.

I had a History Exam this afternoon, and scribbled down everything I could remember about Japanese/British/German/French/Soviet/Italian/American relations in the 1930s and at the start of World War I, all I could remember about Ireland from 1918-1922, answered random questions on Irish History, Israel/Palestine History, New Zealand's Post War Search for Security, Maori/Pakeha Relations and Europe from 1918-1945. So what did I remember? Not very much.

Found out I have to go and do a piano concert at an ex's house. This could be very awkward. Interesting concept...

I got up at 6:30am, even though I'd had no sleep.
I made a coffee, and got the dog fed. Then I went outside, with my coffee, and sat on the porch looking up at the sky, the sunrise, and the disappearing stars. It was really silent. I saw streaks of orange coalescing with blue, pink, yellow and purple. I saw the sun lighten the sky, and I saw the sea slowly turn from a blanket of black to an expanse of blue. I saw trees green, and streets grey. I saw the town come alive as people moved around, as cars started, as kid's got ready for breakfast. And then I got hungry, so I went inside to have breakfast before I started studying, but it was cool while it lasted.

And now, at night, my job comes to life. Well, it's not a real job, but my agony-aunt and therapist abilities get used by all my friends. And it's interesting. And all I do is listen. And that's why they love it. Then I tell them what they may or may not want to hear, but it's always the truth. And that's why I love it. And that's why they keep coming back.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.