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I basically make my living off my ability to de-escalate people who are angry, upset, or frustrated. The keys to understanding de-escalation is that it involves approaching people in a way that is counter-intuitive while understanding that ninety percent of everyone's reality is based on their perception. Most people believe that they need to stand up and defend their point of view when confronted with someone they see as acting irrational, or presenting views and statements they see as contrary to their own perceptions.

For example,┬ásay someone is going on about how someone else has belittled and attacked them and we have watched their interactions and seen no sign of the behavior being described. "Bob is constantly attacking me, calling me names, and giving me threatening looks." We see no sign whatsoever this is happening. Bob seems to be indifferent to Bill, the person who is upset about Bob. The natural reaction is to tell Bill, "Bob isn't attacking you or calling you names, you're…

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The power of prayer


6:08 PM (7 hours ago)

to my side of the family:

So, on the 14th, 3 days after the "family meeting", I was visiting and had a few concerns, which I voiced politely to…

Once lampooned by Australia as "single entendre comedy", Are You Being Served? was a situation comedy about the goings-on at the fictional "Grace Brothers" department store in London.

It was ostensibly a vehicle to showcase Trevor Bannister, a young and up and coming comedian - who played the most junior member of staff, "Mr. Lucas".

At the beginning of the series it was established that for reasons of economy, the "Gentlemen's Ready to Wear" and "Ladies' Clothing" departments…