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The Best of The Week

So! FOOD. Eatins. What about 'em.

I have deeply personal reasons that have motivated me to do some important research on food, nutrition, and the best habits that make up a healthy lifestyle as a whole. And by "important research", I mean that I read about it a lot on the internet. Oh, and I've also acquired a book written by this really fit Venezuelan nutritionist/personal trainer that calls herself Sascha fitness about food and exercise and how to get super hot. Or healthy or something.

Anyway, this deep, long journey of googling stuff on the internet and following fitness accounts on instagram has given me a few key elements to take into consideration when crafting my weekly meal plan and/or standing in front of the fridge and trying to convince myself against…

Here is the final Lost Gems of Yesteryear: Odyssey Two update!

Ten e2 users nominated 39 writeups from 31 unique authors. haqiqat and The Custodian appeared three times; DonJaime, Jet-Poop, lizardinlaw, and Zephronias appeared twice. 132 votes were cast on the nominated writeups during the quest period, ranging from 1 to 7 new votes per writeup. Reputation changes range from -2 to +6, with a mode of 1 and a median of 2. A late spate of downvoting pulled the averages down. The…

"I Came Out Here To Have A Good Time And Honestly I Am Feeling So Attacked Right Now" is a meme-phrase originating from the enthralling cesspool that is tumblr.

It is, as one may guess, a sarcastic, intentionally dramatic reaction for feigning offense, and is used in situations where offense may not even have been meant (such as someone disagreeing with you, or simply stating an unwelcome fact).

It was originally…