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Ever since I left the NOC, I've been doing work on a much smaller scale. Now, on the eve of going back to work in the Internet infrastructure, I'm thinking a lot about doing meaningful work, what it means to be doing meaningful work, and small actions in the context of a larger whole.

The kind of work I do, the managing of technical programs (change management, among others), the actual job role, only exists in medium to large sized companies. And, where I'm going, the company is large, the company is experienced, the company has gone through a few burn-in cycles. My uncles worked there, many of my friends work there, and in a lot of ways, it's kind of the family business. There is a sense of rightness of not only going back to big infrastructure, but also to a place where my own mentors came of professional age.

I can do meaningful work anywhere. Serving coffee is meaningful. Pulling weeds is meaningful. Taking care of people is meaningful. All of these things…

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The stigma against addiction make families secretive.

Some addicts use this.

Let's rephrase that: some people in the grip of addiction use shame to continue with the addiction.

By in the grip of addiction, I mean that the drug has taken over. That is how I think of addiction, that the drug has crashed all boundaries and the person puts the drug first. The drug is in control. The drugged addicted person is lying:…