I recently attended the Minnesota State Fair, here in lovely St. Paul, Minnesota. Twas quite the experience.

It seems as if the State Fair here is quite the big deal. It's been the hot topic in the major newspapers of the area, the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, for the last month or so. Each day the paper prints guides to fair fair, listing foods, rides and other various entertainments to be had. I'm not sure if this excitement is specific to just the Twin Cities area, or if it extends throughout the entire state. It certainly is not a phenomenon that I've witness whilst living in either Ohio or Maryland.

There are certain things that one must do to have the quintessential experience at the fair. My personal favorite activity was sampling all the various foods that were available.

There seems to be some sort of fascination with 'food on a stick'. I'll list the various kinds of food which can be had on a stick at the fair:

I assume this putting everything and its brother on a stick holds some practical purpose, namely that you can easily hold anything that you're eating. It's rather hard to find anywhere to sit as there's gazillions of people in a rather smallish space.

Other fun and excitement can be had checking out all the animals, be they cows, sheep, pigs, horses, or even humans. There's even some reptiles for the more adventurous. Also you can wear a silly looking paper pickle hat, check out the Dairy Queen (beauty queen, not fast food establishment), score all the milk you can drink for half a buck and watch some guy sculpt the Butter Queen's likeness in an 85 pound block of butter.