TARC stands for Transit Authority of River City and is the metropolitan mass transit system for Louisville, Kentucky. TARC has been operational since 1974. Personally, I've been riding TARC since 1992 and love it.

In order to stay viable, TARC has instituted a number of programs designed to increase ridership over the years. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Toonerville Trolley (a free downtown circulator)
  • Job Hunter busses shuttling job hunters to and from predefined employers
  • Night Owl busses providing transport to and from large third-shift employers
  • Bikes-on-Board bike racks on selected busses and routes
  • Numerous special routes for such special events as the State Fair and Kentucky Derby

In addition to these programs, TARC has a number of others designed to facilitate the use of mass transit in Louisville. Under consideration for coming years is a light rail network. For more information including route maps and schedules, visit their website at www.ridetarc.org.

Updated 7/18/2001 - TARC also has Ozone Buster fares during the summer months (June, July and August). During this period, you can ride any bus during peak or non-peak hours for $0.25 per ride. Transfers are still free. What is more, if you are a FareSaver Monthly Pass holder, you can mail in your passes to TARC headquarters at the end of each of these months to receive a $10 Commuter Check. This check is redeemable for FareSaver tickets or a new TARC Monthly pass. Quite a deal!

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