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Thanks to Morgan, Queequeg, Cid Highwind, ratbastid, Rancid_Pickle, urthpaw, and a plethora of others.

Major overhaul in progress

I've just added all these nodes to the Harry Potter category. I'm thinking the best thing would be to make numerous categories: Harry Potter Characters, Harry Potter Books...I don't know yet. The current view of categories is limited--you can sort it, but beyond that there's no control. It's a paged list.

So what should become of this node? On Wikipedia, they have Projects, which are basically communities focusing on filling in the gaps and improving what exists on a given topic. I don't know if I'll be active enough to really maintain such a Harry Potter project of that sort here, or whether it's really meaningful. Perhaps I should just post bounties.

For now, I'll maintain the ordered, hierarchical listing of HP nodes, but hopefully that will be phased out in the future, or will include a rating of each: 'Awesome', 'Good, but out of date', 'Insufficient'...

For now, though, I'll note things I find to be particularly lacking as I review the Harry Potter regions of the nodegel...:

Dudley Dursley was written before book five. His character has gone through some major changes since then and could use an update. Same for his mum, Petunia Dursley. Really true for most characters, I think.

Fred Weasley is unnoded. Shocking.

Hagrid is a spoilerific stub.

Crookshanks is only part cat.

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