Yesterday I was talking with my son about a movie we went to yesterday A Knight's Tale and about one we want to rent tonight Dungeons and Dragons. It made me look back on choices I've made in life. And it made me sad.

All my life, since I first heard about the game, I've wanted to play D&D. In high school I was one of the "popular" kids, and we just wouldn't think of playing such a nerdy game. I had friends who least they were kind of friends. We talked during school and we knew there was a connection, but I never socialized with them outside school. I never invited them to my things and vice versa. You see, I just couldn't. I couldn't hang with them because of 'who I was'. Kids in my group just didn't go to the houses of kids who played D&D. I was always there in my heart though.

I was a cheerleader. I was homecoming queen. I hung out with all the football players and the most popular kids in school. You know what though? It was BORING! We didn't talk about much other than surface, shallow things. I wanted to talk about books and ideas and fantastic worlds. I wanted to read science fiction instead of Glamour. I wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons instead of going to dances. I wanted to be a nerd.

This is me many years later. I'M A NERD!!! That's right. I can now be who I want. I have a son who's into fantasy books and comics and I'm celebrating his pride in being who he is. I'm attracted to the geeky guys in the corner at social events, and I've found that they're a heck of a lot more interesting than the gorgeous guy in the center of the room. I play on line role playing games. I read science fiction all I want, and discuss it with friends. I still haven't played Dungeons and Dragons though.