Community built playgrounds are becoming very common in the small towns in the part of Oregon that I live in, and they are almost exclusively made of wood. They are fantastic structures, designed and developed by a company that specializes in working with community organizers and volunteers that lets the community raise the money, dictate needs and wants, and actually build the structures. The playground built in Brookings is made of pressure treated wood, has wood chips between the structures, and features 3 slides, a pirate ship, a castle, a regular swing set, a tire swing, a bucking bronco made of tires, cargo nets, firemans poles, and much much more. It was build entirely with community raised money, and built in 3 wonderful days by volunteers in the community. Small town America is still alive and well, and wooden playgrounds are just a part of it. Interestingly, the grandson of Norman Rockwell was one of the chief designers of our playground, which was named Kidtown by the children of the community.