What you get when you put "Whistle Stop" by Roger Miller (the theme from Disney's Robin Hood), sped up 70 percent, on top of hamsters dancing on a web page. Brought to you by Hampton Hampster Productions (formerly Inner Child Productions).

If you like Hampsterdance...

it has moved to http://www.hamPsterdance2.com/ (the P and 2 are important). The only hamster missing from the page is Pikachu, an overgrown yellow hamster with a lightning bolt shoved up its butt, but for that there's http://www.pikachudance.com/

You can also download remixes of the sped-up "Whistle Stop" on Napster. Try title: hampster dance, title: hamster dance, or especially title: cognoscenti. In fact, one of my mix tapes is called "The Napster Dance" and includes a version of "Piggy" by NIИ sped up 70% to make it danceable.

Note on the name

The name "Hampster" for a hamster is no more a misspelling than "Pearson" for a person. It's yet another example of the tendency of descriptive surnames such as Taylor to have a slight change to their spelling over the years.

If you hate Hampsterdance...

Or if you're just a bit sadistic, or even if you just enjoy playing intense whack-a-mole, Pin Eight Software presents GUWAME Hampsterdeath, the first Allegro-based PC game that lets you kill the hamsters. It currently compiles and runs without problems on GNU/Linux, DOS, and Windows. Download it today as part of freepuzzlearenaTM at http://www.cs.rose-hulman.edu

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