The most annoying web page in existance, that every AOLer feels inclined to e-mail you about and tell you that it's "The cutest thing they've ever seen". It inspired many imitators fron dancing jesuses to cows, to penguins.

One animated GIF is bad enough but row after row of them coupled with an annoying midi is as near to hell as I'd like to come.
i wrote this a while ago at h2g2 but i guess the editors never really liked it. oh well. another hamster-related node from yours truly.

A Man and His Animals

Since the dawn of time, man has sought to dominate the earth and all its inhabitants. He first began with the slow-moving beasts such as the cow, ox, and sheep. When these animals failed to present a challange to him, man strove to domesticate the faster, slightly more intelligent creatures like the cat and dog. In recent centuries, humans have undertook the task of taming traditionally wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, and octopi. However, since there is nothing to gain from these animals in terms of productivity, man has decided to degrade them and force them to perform for his amusement. Elephants, dolphins, seals, birds, and many other perspicacious creatures routinely engage in frivolous acts designed to entertain the less-descriminating tastes of the common man. Seeking a challenge that he has not yet conquered, man now looks to his final, climactic battle with the undomitable spirit of. . .the hamster.

Hamster History

Renowned the world over for its disarming cuteness, the hamster is still a mystery to man. "Surely this furry fiend is up to no good," the first person to encounter the hamster must have mused, "for he sleeps all day and goes about his business in the dark coverings of night as if he has something to hide." From this suspicion arose a desire to gain dominion over the brute and indeed, the hamster was soon domescticated and became a staple in the family pet trade.

The "Joys" of Revolving Rodents

This is where the story should end, but instead, it takes a sickening turn. A hamster is not the most agile of animals. The only physical blessings the hamster seems to have been given is the ability to squeeze through small openings and shove things into its cheeck pouches. Surely, the hamster was never meant to dance. But some individual, thinking only of the end profit and nothing of the animal's welfare, chose to inflict this unnatural horror upon the hamster. All day, all night, the hamsters at are subjected to this unmerited punishment. There should have been an outcry from the general public, or at least from PETA to stop the cruelty, but there was none. In fact, there was laughter. Maniacal, evil laughter that only perpetuated the wrongdoing and condoned the sin. The public has neither shame nor conscience.

And the hamsters dance on.

For those of you who truly hate the misplet Hampster Dance, should help you let off some steam. There are few things in this world more beautiful than watching a dozen hamsters explode into bloody pulps. Even if you do like Hampster Dance, this will appeal to your sadistic side.

What you get when you put "Whistle Stop" by Roger Miller (the theme from Disney's Robin Hood), sped up 70 percent, on top of hamsters dancing on a web page. Brought to you by Hampton Hampster Productions (formerly Inner Child Productions).

If you like Hampsterdance...

it has moved to (the P and 2 are important). The only hamster missing from the page is Pikachu, an overgrown yellow hamster with a lightning bolt shoved up its butt, but for that there's

You can also download remixes of the sped-up "Whistle Stop" on Napster. Try title: hampster dance, title: hamster dance, or especially title: cognoscenti. In fact, one of my mix tapes is called "The Napster Dance" and includes a version of "Piggy" by NIИ sped up 70% to make it danceable.

Note on the name

The name "Hampster" for a hamster is no more a misspelling than "Pearson" for a person. It's yet another example of the tendency of descriptive surnames such as Taylor to have a slight change to their spelling over the years.

If you hate Hampsterdance...

Or if you're just a bit sadistic, or even if you just enjoy playing intense whack-a-mole, Pin Eight Software presents GUWAME Hampsterdeath, the first Allegro-based PC game that lets you kill the hamsters. It currently compiles and runs without problems on GNU/Linux, DOS, and Windows. Download it today as part of freepuzzlearenaTM at

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Once upon a time, there was a website in Geocities that somehow attracted public attention. Just like in Mahir's case, no one really knows why it happened - perharps because it was because some people thought it was funny.

On the page, there were lots and lots of dancing hamsters as animated GIFs. Those who had (mis)configured browsers could hear that they were dancing to the tune of modified song from Disney's Robin Hood movie.

Yes, like I said - no one knows why this was popular. Maybe, maybe some people found it funny.

The page was really titled "Hampster dance" (sic), and later it got a domain of its own.

Like all other good internet memes, this was somewhat messed around with. Look-alikes started to show up. Personally, I remember seeing a site called "Pikachu Dance".

I remember some people used the site as browser benchmark. (I use similiar gauge when rating homepages of peelos. If my processor load gets higher than when browsing Hampsterdance-like page, I often notify the page authors...)

(TODO: Factchecking and perhaps more history. I'll try to find the site after I've written this, because I'm writing this from NS4 and it might crash when I get to the page =)

See also: the next hampsterdance, Hamster Dance

Okay, so there's another node called Hamster Dance. Don't blame me, blame the inadequacy of E2 searches and considerable amount of too strong coffee... It isn't my fault that the original webpage's author couldn't spell worth a damn, and it's even less my fault that other people are smarter than him =)

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