Yesterday morning I went out to Coquitlam to the Beacon unitarian church to sing. It was nice. I like singing. We joined up with Beacon's choir. They didn't know how to say the hebrew words in one of the songs, and their choir leader was mildly irritating - I thought she and our alto lead were going to wrestle, or something, but it all worked out well. My boyfriend and his mom came to hear me, and to deliver blackberry jelly to someone.

I woke up at 5:30 to my cat leaping on to my chest. Oof.

After the service I went to visit with my hax0r & family. We had pancakes and sausages and strawberries for lunch. I curled up and slept on the couch, then woke up and curled up in his bed and slept, and then woke up and did a jigsaw puzzle. Ducklings in a basket, 100 pieces. Not at the height of my spatial abilities this week. I slept so much. There's a lot of turmoil at work these days - sleep and worry sleep and worry - it doesn't help, exactly, but it's there to be done.

Went to visit with my parents and have chinese food. They biked down to Point Roberts and back this weekend. They brought me a bag of penny candy from the general store we used to go to when I was little. Mmm, I'm a penny candy addict. The highlight was the Trolli gummi pizza, which looked disturbingly like some real pizza I had last week, except in scale.

Went home and slept. This morning, for all my sleeping, I'm weary as a long-broken trail.

The price file wasn't there - after twenty minutes of tinkering we got it to transmit. No crashes yet. 1500 transactions came down, and most of them posted. Yay.

In a fit of melodrama, the current sysop of the tabnet webbbs took it down. Oh well. I of all people can understand the need to take a bbs down, and even the urge to be very melodramatic about it. I always gave notice, but I never really felt like it - once you feel your board is dead, it feels cruel and painful to keep it up. You want it over with, NOW.

My partner is still on vacation. Just as well - business is slow.

The building's owner has decided to put an enormous statue of a bull in front of the building's lobby, to attract financial companies maybe? God only knows. (update on the bull: apparently the family who own the building make soap out of cows.) It's the silliest thing ever. It's life sized, anatomically accurate, painted to look like a dairy cow, and has a very placid expression. People walking by start to giggle.