The system operator of a BBS; in charge of setting up and maintaining the software, the user database, the file bases, the message bases, the echomail setup, and everything else on the BBS.

(Someone who prefers a BBS to having children. a symbiont, half of the bizarre user/sysop entity that turns Intermail in to a bizarre hypnotic drug. A BBS is a powerful emotional experience.)

The term sysop is used almost exclusively to denote the operator of a BBS; you may find it occasionally used to mean the operator of a network, though these generally prefer the term SysAdmin, or the operator of a web-based board, though these generally go by moderator or just plain admin.

Sometimes considered synonymous with the term SysAdmin. With the advent of the Information Superhighway and the prevalence of the World Wide Web in mainstream society, many SysOp's ended up using their computer experience to gain a job as a SysAdmin.

sysape = S = system

sysop /sis'op/ n.

[esp. in the BBS world] The operator (and usually the owner) of a bulletin-board system. A common neophyte mistake on FidoNet is to address a message to `sysop' in an international echo, thus sending it to hundreds of sysops around the world.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

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